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Re: RFC: GUI tools for common Debian admin tasks

Daniel Burrows (Daniel_Burrows@brown.edu) wrote:
>   Erm, how many 'newbies' are going to know what a class A vs class C network
> is, or what a "gateway" is, versus the number who'll freak out and run in
> terror?

ok, now i hate seeing free apps/desktop systems that just copy windows, and
i dislike even more the idea that windows is a good standard to follow, but
i do have to disagree with you on this point.

windows doesn't hide the gateway from you, it's there right under netmask.
lots of newbies use windows. i'd go so far as to say many people reading
this list probably started on windows. have any of us "freaked out and ran

as far as the network class thing, lets just make sure it's possible to have
classless subnets, too.

Jacob Kuntz

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