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Re: X and runlevels

On Mon 04 Sep 2000, Per Lundberg wrote:

> Sure. But whenever you install something that gets you a display
> manager, your system will boot up in X. To get it to boot up in
> console mode, you have to manually remove the symlinks in your
> runlevel's script directory. The next time you update the display
> manager, you'll have to do this again. It is not really convenient.

Not quite, if you leave at least one symlink somewhere in the
rc?.d directories, your config should be left alone (i.e. the
symlinks won't be redone). See the update-rc.d manpage:

:        When run with either the defaults, start, or stop options,
:        update-rc.d   makes   links   /etc/rcrunlevel.d/[SK]NNname
:        pointing to the script /etc/init.d/name,
:        If  any  files  /etc/rcrunlevel.d/[SK]??name already exist
:        then update-rc.d does nothing.  This is so that the system
:        administrator  can rearrange the links, provided that they
:        leave at least one link remaining,  without  having  their
:        configuration overwritten.

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