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Re: location of non-debian deb package?

On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 12:45:48PM +0200, Vincent Zweije wrote:
> Hello Debian developers.
> I have a program for which I wish to build a .deb package.  However, I
> do not wish this to be in Debian proper[*].  Should this package install
> under /usr/local or simply under /usr?  I think under /usr/local, as it
> won't be part of the distribution.

As was mentioned before, /usr/local is for stuff that dpkg does not know
about. It would not harm anything, if you used /usr .
> [*] It has a limited target user group (dyndns.org users) and I expect
>     it to be superseded by an incompatible upgrade soon.

since when has a limited target user group stopped something being in
"debian proper" ?  (Take a look at all the other dynamic dns tools)


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