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Re: gpm and X problem investigated

On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:

> I had the same problems when using the new defaults (-R ms3 and Intellimouse
> on /dev/gpmdata).


> 2)	use the default gpm repeater type (msc). It is compatible with
> 	the old behavior of slink and gpm, and works without problems.
> 	The default gpm repeater type is `msc' an not `raw'. Setting it
> 	to raw would force the user to configure it also in XF86config,
> 	while with msc it could be configured automatically (see next
> 	point).

After probably a good hour of mucking about with this when I installed
potato from scratch about 6 months ago, I concur with using msc as the
default repeater.  On my Thinkpad 600E, this is not only the only
configuration that worked, but the Z-axis button worked automatically as a
middle mouse button (which according to the Linux Laptops page
documentation at the time wasn't supposed to work at all).

Do we need to start collecting a database of what combinations of
configurations work in which situations?  Perhaps there are other
configurations that simply won't work using msc (or ms3) repeater types.  
If we knew about them, we could make gpmconfig a bit smarter.

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