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Re: Project Gutenberg

On Sat, Sep 02, 2000 at 02:32:08PM +0530, viral@seul.org wrote:
> I was wondering that the work done by Project Gutenberg
> (http://sailor.gutenberg.org) should be made available through debian.
> It would be great to use 'apt' to get all the great work done there.
> It shouldn't be difficult at all to package. I don't know if this has
> been discussed earlier (sorry, I didn't check the archives) but I'd
> like to know of what other people think about it.

feel free to make your own apt-gettable repository for project gutenberg

personally, i think that a script which regularly downloaded the index
of available texts, providing a searchable database, and capable of
automatically fetching any one or more of them for you would be more

and it would be useful to non debian users too. think of it as the apt
equivalent for project gutenberg :)


craig sanders

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