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Re: Free Pine? Fsck Pine!

* Richard Stallman <rms@santafe.edu> [000831 20:47]:
> If Debian decides to reject IMAPD and tells the U of W so,
> that will put some pressure on them to clarify the license.
> Otherwise they may prefer to leave it
> unclear in order to to "have it both ways".

I don't see why Debian (or GNU, or "Linux")
bothers with the IMAPD of UofW so much at all.
Aren't there quite some replacements by now?

Sure, "pine" has become a popular mailer -
but it still is not capable of threading.
But the IMAPD fgives us the nice "internal
message - dont delete", and "pico" cannot
be downlaoded and installed by itself.

I hope that mutt will ship with some tools soon
(eg a nice frontend for managing aliases) and
then the admins can set it up for the users
together with "nano" replacing pico.

And we'll kiss pine and its IMAPD goodbye.
RIP, UofW!


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