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Re: gpm and X problem investigated

> We discussed this previously (I think on debian-testing). The odd thing
> with 
> the configuration is, that the user has to specify twice the mouse type 
> (during gpm and during X setup). Even worse, if the user decides to use
> a PS/2 
> instead of a serial mouse, he has to change it at several places. Thus
> to me 
> it seemed to be a good idea to configure the real mouse at gpm setup and
> reuse 
> the settings within X by this repeat feature.
> The middle mouse button works flawless, if you select the Intellimouse 
> protocol:
> Section "Pointer"
>     Protocol    "IntelliMouse"
>     Device      "/dev/gpmdata"

Curiously, everything was working for me just fine until my latest (woody) 
upgrade today.  This was both on my homebrew box and my ThinkPad 560, both with 

I solved it by manually editing both the gpm.conf and XF86Config files.  Could 
be kind of a pain for the less experienced..........


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