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Re: gpm and X problem investigated

I support your conclusion and and asks the same question.
Why did it change?


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From: "J.A. Bezemer" <costar@panic.et.tudelft.nl>
Subject: gpm and X problem investigated
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 00:22:23 +0200 (CEST)

> Hi!
> In the recent past, there have been multiple (bug) reports about the behaviour
> of potato (& woody?) gpm in the presence of X (or vice versa, really). I've
> done some research, with these results: 
> 1. On slink and probably before (because I don't remember things being
>    differently), gpm did not default to be in repeater mode or even
>    ask about that. In the X config, you would mention your real /dev/mouse
>    and your real protocol.
> 2. On any->potato upgrades, the config file is not touched, and gpm and X
>    continue to behave as before. In an upgraded potato system, X still
>    needs your real /dev/mouse and your real protocol.
> 3. On new potato installs, gpm defaults to be in repeater mode, and to
>    repeat in the ms3 protocol.
> 4. When gpm is in repeater mode, it does not release the mouse device
>    when switching to X, but expects X to read data from /dev/gpmdata.
>    So, in the current potato default install, IF you install gpm,
>    X config must use /dev/gpmdata and ms protocol always, regardless
>    of mouse type.
> 5. In the current potato install, IF you do NOT install gpm, X config
>    needs your real /dev/mouse with your real protocol.
> 6. My personal experience shows that, with gpm repeating in the ms3
>    protocol, the middle mouse button is very hard to get working in X, if
>    at all. Also, movement data of the mouse appears to get lost, resulting
>    in erratic and uncomfortable mouse behaviour.
> 7. The solution to the repeating problem in 6. is to default to
>    repeating in the "raw" = "untranslated" protocol. Then, X config
>    would need /dev/gpmdata always, but your real protocol.
> So, on a potato system, the X configuration may require three different
> settings, dependent on your personal history:
>   real /dev/mouse + real protocol    when upgraded from slink or before
>                                   OR on new potato install without gpm
>   /dev/gpmdata    + ms protocol      on "unmodified" new potato install w/gpm
>   /dev/gpmdata    + real protocol    on "modified" new potato install w/gpm
> This situation seems highly undesirable to me, if only because this is not
> documented properly anywhere -- and even documenting the current situation in
> a way that is clear to the average user (i.e. M$Win convert) is a daunting
> task. 
> Apart from changing nothing and leaving our users completely in the dark,
> there seem to be two options:
> a. Let gpm default to repeating in raw mode (to solve 6.), and add a very
>    clear notice that X should be (re)configured with /dev/gpmdata but using
>    the real protocol -- but when gpm is either stopped or removed/purged, that
>    the X config should be changed again (!! I don't know any package that
>    requires _another_ package to be _manually_ reconfigured on install/
>    remove).
> b. Let gpm default to not repeating at all, without needing any further
>    documentation (AFAIK; I don't remember questions on gpm <-> X behaviour
>    in slink).
> Obviously, b. is the right choice (IMHO ;-). Furthermore, a fix to this effect
> seems more than necessary to go into 2.2r1.
> Or... is there a flaw in my logic? Or is there some very important reason for
> gpm's current behaviour? 
> Regards,
>   Anne Bezemer
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