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Re: Security of Debian SuX0r?

Peter Makholm wrote:
> I've just helped a friend instaling Debian. He had two comment
> about the above question. Is it the red or blue button there is
> active? It is badly marked which button you are about the press.

Yes well there are already bugs filed on this, but it is going to change
a lot in woody anyway.

> The other comment is something about the wording of two of the
> questions. The firste question was saying something like "Do you want
> to keep the standard (less secure) option" and the next question said
> "Would you use the new (more secure) option". If the user just thinks
> that he wants the most secure box but not really reading precisly what
> it says he will say "no" to both questions. (That was what we did).

 Shadow passwords make your system more secure because nobody is able to
 view even encrypted passwords. Passwords are stored in a separate file
 that can only be read by special programs. We recommend the use of shadow
 passwords. If you're going to use NIS you could run into trouble.

 Shall I install shadow passwords?

I'm very confused how someone can skim something like "'Shadow passwords
make your system more secure' .... 'Shall I install shadow passwords?'",
and then pick no if they want a secure box.

see shy jo

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