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Re: imap mailbox killer

[Please Cc 70647@bugs.debian.org on any replies to this thread.]

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Buddha Buck wrote:

> I don't use pine or imap, but the school hosting my mailbox uses imap.
> The behavior I saw:
> Using POP to copy new mail to my workstation at work (running Eudora) 
> seemed to cause ipop3d to crash without properly cleaning up -- $MAIL.lock 
> still around, messages not marked as old, etc.  Telnetting in, and mucking 
> around in $MAIL by hand revealed the messages preceeded by nulls.  Elm read 
> the mailbox fine, but treated the messages preceeded by nulls as 
> continuations of the previous messages.  Eudora, getting the messages from 
> POP3, also read the messages fine, but again with the broken messages 
> tacked on to the preceeding messages.  Manually deleting the nulls wasn't a 
> reliable way to fix the problem.

Thanks for the description, I found it very useful.

> My school uses imap, but I didn't -directly- invoke it in this process.  It 
> may have been invoked by their mailer behind the scenes, though.

Not necessarily.  However ipop3d and imapd both use the c-client library
for all the mail handling routines.  That's where the bug is so both would
have been affected.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>

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