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Re: how to setup an apt-getable site

"Dr. Guenter Bechly" <GBechly@gmx.de> writes:

> Hi,
> I just have some weird problems to make my uploaded inofficial deb-packages
> apt-getable. The referring site is http://www.bechly.de/debian/. I had all
> five Debian packages in a local directory called 'debian' and correctly run
> dpkg-scanpackages on it. After adjusting my apt sources.list it was no problem 
> at all to access the local directory with the Packages.gz file with apt-get or 
> dselect. I then uploaded the complete directory to my website via ftp (binary 
> mode). Now I can access the site with 'apt-get update' without errors, but as 
> soon as I use 'apt-get install foo' the package foo is downloaded but the 
> installation fails with the error 'Size mismatch'.
> I checked the referring manpages and docs, and several Debian books, and
> did not find the slightest clue (therefore PLEAAASE no RTFMs).
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Run dpkg-scanpackages again. You seem to have updated the deb after
building the Packages.gz. Anothe rproblem might be some http/ftp proxy

Compare the size entry in the Packages.gz with the actual size of the

May the Source be with you.

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