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ITP: tct (The coroner's toolkit)

Package: tct
Priority: optional
Section: web
Description: The coroner's toolkit
 A set of low-level (read dangerous) tools which can be used to
 help reconstruct a partial event log after a break-in, and to
 retrieve deleted files. Usually you need to have installed it
 before you need to restore a file.

Homepage: http://www.fish.com/tct
License: Parts are IBM Public License v1
 (http://www.fish.com/tct/LICENSE) and the rest is a very
 slightly-modified BSD license (http://www.fish.com/tct/COPYRIGHT).

If it transpires that this mix of licenses is incompatible with
Debian (main) I shall withdraw my ITP.

I'm in the NM queue -- would anybody be so good as to sponsor me
for this?


Andrew Stribblehill
Systems Programmer, IT Service, University of Durham, England

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