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Bug#69271: general: why not a praise tracking system?

Package: general
Version: 20000816
Severity: wishlist


Debian has for years maintained an excellent bug tracking system.

What I am missing is a praise tracking system.  It would operate
similarly to the b.t.s.; users could:

- send mail to submit@praise.debian.org to have their recognition
  for a debian package registered and forwarded to the maintainer
- visit <http://praise.debian.org/package> to inspect appraisals 
  submitted for "package".
- use a command-line tool /usr/bin/praise to facilitate the process
  of giving praise to debian packages.
- send acknowledgements and append their own success stories to 
  active appraisals in the a.t.s. to <###@praise.debian.org>
- send mail to control@praise.debian.org and change various praise
  control fields.



PS: I was really just reading /usr/bin/bug, trying to figure out
how to submit bugs in helixcode to their b.t.s.  Then I found the
pieces of code that handle /usr/share/bug/* customization files
to be included by debian packages.  This is really nice work, and
I felt like telling so the bug maintainer.  Then I figured that 
while there is an excellent infrastructure for bug tracking, there 
is no such thing whatsoever for praise tracking.

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