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Re: Menu hierarchie for different users and general user settings

On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Andreas Tille wrote:

> The problem of overloaded menus for beginners isn't solved in other
> systems, but may be somebody will have a clever idea, if there is a
> request for such a thing.  That's why I expressed my idea, really knowing
> that it wouldn't be solved in the next years.

What about a simple menu "menu-style" in the root of the menu, in which
one will find "language" and "style". Under style there will be Entries
"expert", "advanged" , "normal" , "beginner" , "child", "gamer".
When one clicks on this, a little script is started, which only makes
a sed with s/^( |\t)*global( |\t)style.*$/GLOBAL STYLE gamer/ and then
runs the program to recreate the users menu out of the global menu and the
local file, now containing an other style-include-file.
(Or even better, it only runs this programm mit parameter style=expert and
this program changes the file and recreates users menu).
This way users can easily switch their style (and also easy switch it
back), and advanged users can by the same means customize their menu
however they want to. (As the local file is only a list of "let this
away","rename this","add this" and include files with the global only
beeing special and easy to change forms of include-files)

> > A very convenient way would to have the normal all-and-every-thing menu as
> > standards and user-definable changes on a per user basis.
> In principle yes, it's a first state, but it requires work of the
> system administrator for those users, which aren't able to do this stuff.

I think when plans to modulise adduser come true, it would be easy to add
an point that only echo "GLOBAL style xyz" >$CREATEDHOMEDIR/.mymenu
and a echo "GLOBAL language xyz" >$CREATEDHOMEDIR/.mymenu
And switching langauge anyone should be able to do. 

> > It's disadvantage would be the enourmous amount of time to recompile all
> > user-settings when the main-menu-database changes.
> Yes, that's a problem, but computers are going to be faster every time
> and I think it will take some time until we finish this.

I think the proposed way could already be done now. I think when there is
consens what to do, even a worse programmer like me would need one and a
half week maximum for it. And so long would need any change in the
main-menu-database, because the menu-creater would not only to be run once
per wm but one per wm times one per user. (On an old 386 perhaps two and a
half week :-)

  Bernhard R. Link

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