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Re: ITP: Moscow ML - An implementation of standard ML.

> > > Don't do that. Moscow ML was my first package when I joined and I had 
> > > to learn that there are license problems. To be precise it is based on 
> > > Caml Light which is not GPLed (read: has further restrictions) therefore
> > > you can't link GPL-code against it. 
> > > 
> > > We can't distribute binaries of that :((
> > 
> >  Have you contacted the authors?
> I don't quite remember. I think I contacted inria (they hold the Caml
> copyright) about changing that but to no extent. I am not sure if changing
> the MoSML license would help - at least it has to go to non-free then. 
> I did not want to maintain a non-free package at that time so I gave up on 
> it.

 The MosML could add to the license: "As an exception to the GNU GPL, you
may distribute this software linked to CAML".

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