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Re: Potato now stable

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Off hand, I would suspect you'd take an arbitary .deb and carve it into
> sub packages internally - this is for effeciency.. Other debs can come
> along and clealy install over the sub packages. Ex:
> You have apt_1.1_i386.deb which contains
>     'doc'
>     'binary'
> And an apt_1.1_i686_bin.deb which just have
>     'binary' 
> Inside
> Package tools would sort that out through some magic means..

Perhaps these sub-packages would be additional files in the ar file.
Perhaps those files themselves should be in .deb format? Then we have
sub package nesting and meta-data too....

> Of course this is all just off hand... :>


see shy jo

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