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Re: ifconfig path


Quoting Eray Ozkural (erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr):
> I think it would be beneficial to supply a symbolic link to /usr/bin for this
> purpose. It seems that some other programs might require similar arrangements.

I do not think so.

> Rationale for this proposal: Users do not need to know the location of
> programs that they can run, they must be able to run all the "user" programs
> that they can. A "user" program in this context refers to programs which
> are intended to be run by people, In this sense, ifconfig seems to be a "user"
> program as well as a program that can be run automatically. 

If a user is 'savvy' enough to know they need 'ifconfig' or similar tools,
they're probably savvy enough to know how to add /sbin to their path as
'ifconfig' is a system command, with some other usefulnesses, but still a
system command, and shouldn't be in /usr/bin.

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