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Bug#69090: strange su / which / apt behaviour

Package: general
Version: potato

I am experiencing some strange behavior when I su to root: Which seems to be
looking for things in the $PATH that is defined for my normal user account
instead of the superuser account:

$ su
# which ldconfig
# echo $PATH
# ls /sbin/ldconfig

I also experience a similar problem with dselect: When I try to install certain
packages that use non-absolute paths for the commands in their .post-install
scripts it seems to check the $PATH of the normal user-account again.

Now when I use sudo things seem to be normal:

$ sudo which ldconfig

On the other hand:

$ sudo -s
# which ldconfig


$ su -c "which ldconfig"

I discussed the above with people on #debian (especially zonem) but we did not
find a solution to the problem.
It does not show up on all the machines I could try it on.

All machines I tried were updated to the latest potato packages.

Best Regards

Jens Taprogge

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