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RFP: twiki -- A Web Based Collaboration Tool

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

The TWiki web is a web based collaboration tool. Imagine having a tool
to create and maintain an Intranet instantly, not just by a webmaster,
but by anybody using just a browser? That is what TWiki is, an instant
Intranet (or an instant Internet web site if you would like). There is
no need to learn a new HTML authoring tool, if you know how to fill in
an HTML form, you already know how to create and change documents in


What are the Main Features of TWiki?

TWiki is a mature, full featured web based collaboration system: 

     Edit existing pages or create new pages by using any web browser.
     There is no need for ftp or http put to upload pages. 
     To edit a page, simply click on the Edit link at the bottom of every
     Web pages are automatically linked. You do not need to learn
     HTML commands to link pages. 
     Very simple text formatting. Basically you write text like you would
     write an email. 
     Pages are grouped into TWiki webs (or collections). This allows you
     to set up separate collaboration groups. 
     Full text search with/without regular expressions. See a sample
     search result. 
     All changes to pages are under revision control. Retrieve previous
     page revisions and differences thereof. Find out who changed what
     and when. 
     Automatic email notification when something has changed in a
     TWiki web. Subscribe in WebNotify. 
     Add a category table to a TWiki topic. This is a powerful way to
     classify and categorize unstructured web pages. 
     File attachments: Upload and download any file as an attachment to
     a page by using your browser. This is similar to email file
     attachments, but it happens on web pages. 
     Online registration of new users. 
     Use variables to dynamically compose your pages. This allows you
     for example to include files or search content at the time of page
     Statistics of TWiki webs. Find out most popular pages and top
     Three levels of preferences: TWikiPreferences for site-level,
     WebPreferences for each web, and user level preferences. 
     Topic locking: Users are warned if a page is being edited by an other
     person. This is to prevent contention, e.g. simultaneous page editing. 
     Referred-By: Find out back-links to a page. 
     ... plus other features not listed here. 

	License is GPL.
	Written in perl.
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