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Re: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material]

On Aug 06, Colin Watson wrote:
> "Christian Pernegger" <pernegger@chello.at> wrote:
> >Apt wasn't really standard with slink, was it? And "painless and flawless"
> >doesn't convey its power. IMHO this part should mention:
> [...]
> >	* that you can easily optimize packages for your system by doing an
> >        apt-get -b source PACKAGE. (Scrap those "Pentium optimized"
> >        distros :) ) Those build scrips are a godsend.
> I don't think you can normally build optimized packages this way, at
> least not if you mean optimized for subarchitectures like the Pentium.
> Normally dpkg-buildpackage (which is called by apt-get -b) will build
> for the more generic Debian architecture (i386 in the case of the
> Pentium), which doesn't have any processor-specific optimizations.

You can do it if you use the "pentium-builder" package.  Kind of a
misnomer, really; if you export DEBIAN_BUILDARCH=68060, it will build
68060 optimized packages on m68k ;-)  I doubt it works with
"new-style" gcc arch specifications (-march=68060 vs. -m68060)
though.  I'm sure joeyh would entertain a patch :-)

I guess something like this will work:

apt-get install pentium-builder
export DEBIAN_BUILDARCH=pentium
apt-get -b source dpkg emacs20 xfree86-1

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