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Oops: _not_ a debian derived system - NIC (www.thinknic.com)

> I bought one weeks ago, got it the other day, and hacked up a bash
> shell on it the first night, and lo and behold, the OS is based on
> Debian. So it says in the kernel and boot among other places (grin).

> Joey, another derived system to add to the Potato press release...

Correction.  It is not in fact Debian derived.  Yes, the kernel does have
a Debian signature (it was built on a Debian box, they _are_ using Debian
for their workstations), but the NIC itself is running a self-cobbled OS
(In fact, I also found a 'powered by Redhat' gif, so I was getting real
confused, and decided to ask them directly what the original base was)

This will teach me to check my 'sources' next time. :)  Kudos to Joey for
noticing a discrepancy in the cd listing I sent him.

No matter.  The number of Debian based CD distros _is_ growing, I've got
one I'm working on even (http://lubbock.sourceforge.net, switching to a
deb based system is in the planning).  Demolinux http://www.demolinux.org
is now a Debian CD-based (version 2.0).  Gibraltar
http://gibraltar.vianova.at is a Debian CD-based router-firewall.  I think
there are one or 2 others also, but they slip my mind right now.


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