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Developers Corner and Packaging Manual [was Re: problems using debstd]

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 09:24:34AM -0700, Philip Brown wrote:
> [ Paul Slootman writes ]
> > > [Phil Brown writes]
> > > and where is this recommended again? :-)
> > 
> > How about to start with www.debian.org, follow the link "developers'
> > corner", and then going to "New Maintainer's Guide" ? Not exactly
> > rocket science to figure that out.
> I'd like to point out that this is a parallel path to
> "Go to www.debian.org"'
>  "go to 'developers corner'"
>  "Go to 'packaging manual'"
> Which is the more "intuitive" path. Yet the packaging manual there is
> completely different, and fairly ugly. And of course it's the one I
> followed previously.

Well, the packaging manual is a different beast than the New Maintainer's
Guide. The Packaging Manual is really a reference on the deb formats, installation
mechanism and standard tools (those in dpkg-dev). It doesn't talk about neither
the policies and can't be considered a good guide for new maintainers.

The New Maintainer's Guide (the link just above the previous one) consist in
a better walk-through procedure for creating a package and becoming a maintainer.
It doesn't give all the informations but provides reference to the Debian Policy,
the Packaging Manual as well as the debhelper scripts (which, as point out, is
just one method among many others).

As for the intuiveness, well, Windows claim to be more intuitive than Unix, isn't?
So never expect anything from someone thoughts. If I was a newbie that just want
to make a new debian package, I will choose the Packaging Manual link, not the
New Maintainer's guide. Eh! Think of it: I'm surely want to know how to make a
package before wanting to become a maintainer!

> Would someone please fix the links/pages on www.debian.org to be consistent?

What about adding the following lines in the Miscellaneous section?

For people interested in packaging a software for Debian, the best start is with
the <New Maintainer's Guide> which explains the process on how to create your
debian package and how to make it available in Debian.

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