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Re: ITP: sourcenav

In message <20000805130225.A2170@afrodit>, Eray Ozkural writes:
>Package: wnpp
>Severity: normal
>Source-Navigator is a source code analysis tool which lets users to
>edit, browse and build their projects. With it, you can edit your source
>code, display relationships between classes and functions and members, and
>display call trees. You can also build your projects, either with your own
>makefile, or by using Source-Navigator's build system to automatically
>generate a makefile. Source-Navigator works with the Insight GUI interface
>for GDB.
>(yes, most of the description just copied and pasted from their page, but
>their explanation is better)

  ...the site is http://sources.redhat.com/sourcenav/ by the way.

The first think I noticed: tcl and tk 8.1 are _included_ in the (14M 
tarball) sources!!

/sup/build/SN451 > du -s t*8.1
13846   tcl8.1
10195   tk8.1

I've sent a mail to their list already to ask why... I plan to try it on 
solaris with tcl/tk 8.3.1 as soon as its finished building.


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