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Re: ITP: Insight

On Sat, 05 Aug 2000 13:25:03 Anthony Towns wrote:
> It also has a private copy of Tcl/Tk, that's slightly hacked from mainstream
> Tcl/Tk, as I understand it. What do you plan on doing about this?

three things:

  o This is a major release, so perhaps some compatibility with mainstream tcl stuff
    has been introduced. :) I'll check these. (tcl, tk, itcl, tix, whew..)
  o Check which of the many subdirectories of insight can be excluded from the
    package. Fot those that can't be excluded just ship those private versions
    with insight since it's such a useful thing.
  o Hoping that someday developers will learn to be more packager-friendly :)

> Also, Andrew Over <ajo@acm.org> has had a go at packaging this in the past,
> you might like to talk to him.

Andrew wrote me telling about the oddities with the package. He told me that he
just threw the extras in /usr/share/insight, which seems plausible enough to me.


Eray Ozkural
(what's wrong with this balsa thing? it seems to ignore my .signature)

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