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Re: virtual package for mixer programs?

Joey Hess writes:

> Hm, I'm just interested -- _how_ does this program depend on having a
> mixer?

In general, you fill out a setting somewhere that says `run this
command to get a mixer'. Right now, AFAIK, most audio programs have
the default here set to whatever it was upstream. I agree that this is
a bad idea. Instead of just making a virtual package, how about
/etc/alteratives/mixer. Then all programs which call a mixer could be
patched to run that out-of-the-package. X/non-X needs to be worked
out, but I will leave that to the implementors...

But to get back to the point you were really making, this should be a
`Suggests: mixer', not a dependency.

> I mean, I can kill all my mixers, run any program, and the volume
> control on my speakers is still right there.

If you're turning them up, this really kills your S/N ratio... ;-)

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