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Re: autofs to be removed???

> Adam:  Can you simply close this bug?

it was autofs_3.1.4-7_i386.deb (the date of the file in cache was
Jun 25 00:59). i checked it again (purged all files) and it had
the above described problems.

a deep sorry for the panic, but i just wanted this to be fixed before
the release of potato. autofs is an important package for larger

unfortunately, the debian-mirror (an unofficial one) i used had
problems, so the update from  6 Jul (3.1.4-8) that fixes this
bug (changelog.Debian) was not there.
being less than two weeks before the release and in the believe that
the bug was still present, i thougt doing right to submit the

sorry again for all inconvienience,

	- thomas

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