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OT: less v. more

"S. Champ" <s-champ@postoffice.pacbell.net> wrote:
> 1) 	nice. didn't know that less would work.
> 	this should at least make it into the 'debian-tips' package, as tentative as
> that package might or mightn't be.  

or maybe you should read the less man page.

> 2)	 I'm curious about why 'more' was chosen, rather than 'less' ( or others )
> for the bare debian 'potato' ( and, i'm guessing, other releases')
> installation-packages.
> 	a)  less offers backwards-paging (?) (what happens when a person hits the "Page
> Up" key on the keyboard.) , which seems beneficial, and almost necessary for
> document-reading. 

more offers backwards paging, it is in the man page I am suprised that you
missed it.

Don't worry  --  shop.

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