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uninstallable package and all.


The deb package of quicklist cannot be installed due to
dependence of unavailable package, libgtkextra0. I've
already filed a bug report, but the maintainer does not
respond yet.

Besides, currently installed version of libgtkextra is
0.99.5, which is older than the new upsteram version, 0.99.9.
I also filed a bug report, but the maintainer (the same
person as above) does not respond.

So finally, i've sent an email to the maintainer directly,
but he still does not respond.

This implies that he has no time to even write a simple
email, or at least has less interest in maintaining these.
I hope to see the newer version of the library in Debian
because SciGraphica, which i ITPed around the middle of
July, depends on it. This software is sort of what i long
wanted, and worth in Debian but such a tirivial matter is getting
in the way. Is there anything left that i can do? I'm
not a developer yet and in the NM queue.

PS. I really want to take over these unmaintained packages...

Yasuhiro TAKE <take@debian.or.jp> / Debian JP Project

	"I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all."

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