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zless and debian-*doc pakcaging


given that (many|all) of the README files under /user/doc/* have a .gz on the
end of them, and that other documents in those areas are also gzipped,

1) can we put something somewhere in the debian-install process that informs the
user of the 'zless' program?

2) can we put 'zless' in either the default debian-distribution, or in the dhelp
or doc-debian packages ?

here's where zless is showing-up from a search at debian.org/Packages ( with
'x86' and 'frozen' as search-arguments )

usr/bin/zless                                               base/gzip

usr/share/man/it/man1/zless.1.gz                            doc/manpages-it

usr/share/man/man1/zless.1.gz                               base/gzip

usr/share/man/pl/man1/zless.1.gz                            doc/manpages-pl

usr/share/zsh/functions/zless                               shells/zsh

-- sean

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