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New tag needed for WNPP? [Was Re: ITO: rtf2latex (et al)]

Hi Drake,

 I'm CCing -devel in case someone has anything else to say about this.

>> Drake Diedrich <Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au> writes:

 >     I've already had interest in these packages from several people, but
 > they either haven't uploaded packages are are unable to yet (stuck in NM).
 > They aren't really destined for the orphanage, just suffering a bit of
 > neglect, and might be better off with a different adopted parent.
 > Calling them ITO'd may be a bit premature.

 I think that's more or less the definition of 'ITO'.  There's another
 tag, 'O', with a different meaning, namely, the package is not being
 maintained at all.  There's even another one, 'W', withdrawn, meaning
 the package has been pulled out of Debian proper (or contrib/non-free)
 and moved intro project/orphaned.  In the discussion regarding the move
 of the WNPP database to the BTS noone suggested 'NMN' (New Maintainer
 Needed -- better names are welcomed) which would be, IMO, a wishlist
 bug agains WNPP instead of an important bug.



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