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Re: Debian Advantages

I've just applied to NM and packaged my first thing - tcpflow, should be in
woody soon. (sponsorship rocks =) Anyway, I'd be interested in maintaining
this list, turning it to SGML, and merging with what we already have on the
website. (and then presumably converting it back to whatever the website is
written in) Many a time have I been talking to my poor confused RedHat
friends, only to find that words fail me when they ask what makes Debian
better. Having a pre-made list will be the ideal solution.

Let me know,


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Subject: Debian Advantages

> I was reminded that I started to document Advantages of the
> Debian distribution in comparison with others.  I doubt that
> I made the URL public and asked for input yet.  Therefore
> please find the document below and send me your additions.
> http://www.infodrom.ffis.de/~joey/Debian-Advantages-HOWTO.txt
> Regards,
> Joey

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