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Re: Intent to port to ia64


> I wish to create a port of Debian GNU/Linux to ia64
> (http://www.linuxia64.org/).  Since I just started the NM process,
> I'll need a sponsor once I start creating packages.  Right now,
> though, all I've done yet is bootstrap a very minimal native runtime
> environment, and I'm waiting to hear back from the SourceForge compile
> farm people so I can test it and start expanding it.

Very cool....

Some of us have talked about this previously, and ISTR someone sending a
proposal to sourceforge. We'll need at least a chroot environment in
order to do a proper port, and it seems unlikely (from what i heard) that 
they'll give us that. What we really need is h/w donations....

> If there are no problems with this, I'll go ahead and request a
> debian-ia64 mailing list and the addition of an ia64 section to the
> archives.  (Anything I missed that's necessary?)

sounds like a good place to start.

> Since ia64 supports backward binary compatibility with ia32, it would
> be nice if eventually the ia64 version of dpkg could install i386
> packages.  However, I cannot think of a good mechanism, so this is a
> more long-term goal, unless I'm missing an obvious solution.  (So far
> my ideas include: cross-compiling versions of the libraries to use
> /usr/i386-linux/lib, or implicit diversions of duplicated files.  I
> suppose precedent would say to take the cross-compiling path, but that
> has disadvantages as the recent libc5 thread pointed out.)

I have some of the basic tools ported already (dpkg, apt)... I hope we
can get this going soon as well.

Be aware that the IA64 software simulators seem very non-free, so I'm
not sure if we can/should use them. I doubt we can do an effective port
unless we get machines. Maybe some other people here will have more like
with that than I.

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