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Re: kernel patches

In article <3979A11D.10FA3FD8@nmia.com> you wrote:
> I'm sure this is an old question, but I have found browsing the list
> archives daunting. I'm attempting to build a new 2.2.15-ide kernel from
> 2.2.15 sources. I have found the ide patch. I downloaded it into /root
> and used dpkg to install it. Is it now applied to the 2.2.15 source
> tree? If not, what do I do to apply it? Finally, do I need to rerun make
> xconfig after the patch?

> Thanks

It is not applied yet, change to the directory were you unpacked the
kernel-source (/tmp/kernel-source-2.2.15) and execute
/usr/src/kernel-patches/i386/2.2.15/apply/ide. You have to run
one of the make *config* commands, I'd recommend to use
make oldconfig.
         cu andreas
ps: potato uses 2.2.17pre6 now.

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