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ITP: ddclient (correction)

Sorry for sending this twice, but it was hardly readable :)

Here is part of control file

Section: net
Priority: optional
Package: ddclient
Description: update client for www.dyndns.org accounts
 ddclient is a Perl client used to update dynamic DNS entries for accounts
 on Dynamic DNS Network Services' free DNS service. Dyndns.org provides
 free dynamic/static DNS aliasing services and web redirection services 
 to the net community.

I've used it with a DHCP connection and a PPP connection recently and I decided
to make a debian package for it. Since the author also seems to have used it
with Debian, it does work well. I strongly recommend the client to people with
dynamic IP. It's released under GPL v2, so no licensing problems here.

I've already packaged the program. Since I am not a Debian developer (yet),
I'm looking for a sponsor.


PS: I'll hopefully make the package available on http soon.

PS2: Did I tell you that I hate e-mail clients which wrap outgoing text by

Eray Ozkural
CS, Bilkent Univ.

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