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Re: FW: Editorial: The Potential of Open Source for the Visually Impaired


There is a project about this same issue made by the ONCE group in
Spain. I don't remember the exact URL, but you'll find the source code
if you search in ftp://ftp.once.es. And if I remember well, I think it
is released under the GPL r something compatible.

> Hi JP,
> I've forwarded your essay to Debian-Devel, to see if any
> developers have skills or interest in this area.  I also
> forwarded it to GNU.org to see if they have anything that
> could be of help.
> I think this project's goals are very important, and
> obviously as free software advocates we seek to make
> Debian (and all free software) available to all who wish
> to use it.
> I'm not sure if any of us have skills or experience in the
> specific area of the vision-impaired, but hopefully a few
> will have time to visit your site and see if they could
> help.
> One thing that would be useful is an explanation of what
> it takes to make software 'usable' to the blind or low-
> visioned.  For example:
> (*)  Are there API's that editors or mail readers
> should make use of to interface with assistance devices?
> (*)  Is there new software of some kind that needs to
> be written?
> (*)  What sorts of things would make Debian easier to
> install for the blind?
> (*)  Can software voice synthesizers (e.g., the Emacs
> voice system) be used to provide useful utilities
> for the blind?
> Answers to these questions would be very helpful.  I'm
> certain that many Debian developers would be more than
> happy to help make their existing software packags more
> useful to the blind where possible.
> Thanks,
> -Brent
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