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PMFJI, but what (if anything is happening wrt crypto and us)?

sendmail 8.11.0 was released last night (with SASL and TLS support) !
I packaged it last night (thankfully I've kept up with the beta/gamma).

I can't legally package it, and have been unsuccessful in getting the
current 8.11.0.Beta removed from the FTP archive (also has TLS) because
Debian has not registered its archives with the gov.

There are now several packages that have the same problem:
fetchmail, bind9, mutt are some that I know of, and I'm sure there are others.

I asked for info back in May 15, but was met with little help... Am I the
only US developer with a package that has this problem?

I suppose I could strip the TLS support, but the SASL support includes
both authentication and encryption (thought the Debian SASL package
may not offer both, I'm not sure).

Is there any work towards registering the archive? am I SOL?
Rick Nelson
Life'll kill ya                         -- Warren Zevon 
Then you'll be dead                     -- Life'll kill ya

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