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RFS: yafc, muddleftpd, possible rc NMU

I have made my way into the new-maintainer queue and am working out my
identification[1] with my AM. In the meantime I'd like to expedite the
rest of the process by requesting a sponsor for yafc (``Yet Another
FTP Client'') and muddleftpd (``A flexible and lightweight FTP
daemon''). The gory details are at


I am currently writing man pages to fix the outstanding lintian
warnings and will hopefully have that done before this message reaches
anyone interested enough to load the above URL ;-)

You will also notice that there's an updated rc package there, which I
made today out of frustration with rc not being installable in woody
(I also fixed the lintian warnings).  I have contacted the maintainer
(Dale Scheetz) and am awaiting a reply -- if he is busy and an NMU is
needed, I'd be much obliged if someone could do the actual uploading.

While updating and adding entries at Stéphane Bortzmeyer's pages, I
noticed I ITP'ed xap a long time ago. I hereby withdraw that ITP; I
haven't heard anything about that program in the meantime (I don't
even know if it's maintained upstream) so hopefully no one was waiting
silently for me to get accepted and upload it.

[1] If you see this, Steve, thanks for the offer, looks like it won't
be necessary.

There is no TRUTH. There is no REALITY. There is no CONSISTENCY. There
are no ABSOLUTE STATEMENTS. I'm very probably wrong. -- BSD fortune(6)

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