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Re: ITP: codecommander

Quoting Joop Stakenborg (aba@casema.net):
> CodeCommander is a code editor for most POSIX compliant operating systems, 
> makes use the Gtk+ widget set and the GNOME libraries. The purpose of this 
> program is to provide programmers with a single application that can take 
> care of all their programming needs.

I tried it, it looks nice. Too bad that when you say '#!/usr/bin/perl -w'
in the first line of your script, and press Shift-F5 to run the script.
CodeCommander will use '/usr/bin/perl scriptname.pl' to run it.

Another thing is that highlighting syntaxes are based on the extention
of the file you are editting, and so that highlighting will only be
activated when you save the file to disk.

Nag Nag.. Am I offtopic? :]

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