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Re: ITP: libxml-xpath-perl


I'm sorry, but I already posted an ITP for this package.  You can expect it
within a week.


Fabien Ninoles (fabien@Nightbird.TZoNE.ORG) wrote:
> [ Cross-post to join groups of interested; please answer on
>   a single mailing list and include me in the CC field ]
> Here is it:
> Package: libxml-xpath-perl
> Status: install ok installed
> Priority: optional
> Section: interpreters
> Installed-Size: 187
> Maintainer: Fabien Ninoles <fabien@debian.org>
> Version: 0.55-1
> Depends: perl5, libxml-parser-perl
> Description: Perl module for XPath query
>  This is a simple module module that let make XPath query from XML
>  documents.
> Licence: GPL.
> Package ready to upload (aren't there any tool to create
> quicly CPAN perl package? It seems it can be quite easy to
> do so: they even include dependency information.)
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