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Sources of Source-Navigator are now available under GNU GPL

Homepage of Source-Navigator is here:


Cygnus Code Fusion is a collection of GNU programming tools. GCC, gdb etc. are
part of it, of course, and they are available as Debian packages, already.
It also includes such tools as Insight (front-end for gdb debugger), that is
not yet available as Debian-package and, of course, Source Navigator. AFAIK
Source Navigator was actually the last non-free piece of Code Fusion.

IMNSHO What Debian-developers must do next, is this:

Create Debian packages of rest of the tools included in Cygnus Code Fusion
(Insight, Source navigator and maybe others) and after that create task
package called "task-code-fusion", that depends on all of them.

Here is homepage of Code Fusion:


Code Fusion is actually a bundle of Source Navigator and GNUPro Tools:


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