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Re: packages linked against Qt

Jakub Lida wrote:

> On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> > Jakub Lida wrote:
> > 
> > > **> a new package KRogue <**
> > > which is a rouge-like game KDE port [...]
> > > http://ksi.ii.uj.edu.pl/krogue/.
> > 
> > What's the license?  Does it link to Qt?
> > 
> > What does it depend on from KDE that is not already part of Debian?
> > That stuff will need to be packaged too.  What's the license on
> > that?  Are you aware of the issues surrounding the distribution
> > of GPL code linked against Qt?
> Yes, I am aware that no packages depending on contrib/non-free can enter
> the distribution.

That's not the issue.  The current KDE 2.0 is GPLed and the
current Qt is QPLed.  The GPL is incompatible with the QPL and
therefore KDE 2.0 cannot be redistributed.  Not in main, not in
contrib, not in non-free.
> But it can be packaged as contrib for now, 

Not if it is GPLed and links to Qt (or depends on something that

>                                            and in the future it may try to
> enter the distribution with new Qt 2.2 and KDE 2.0, which may be issued at
> the base of a new Debian-proper licence; according to edward@debian.org:
> > Right now it is kind of unclear. Qt 2.2 will probably be released with a 
> > GPL compatible licence, so that KDE 2.0 can be distributed without any
> > problems.

Yes, we're all hoping that Troll makes the license
GPL-compatible.  There's no hope of change on the KDE side.


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