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As the maintainer of BIND packages for Debian, I note that the first release 
candidate for BIND 9.0.0 is out.  The 9.X versions are a complete rewrite, 
and as such, need to be packaged in parallel with continuing support for the 
8.X releases for some time.  The 8.2.3 release is due shortly, for example.

Until I dig into the sources some, I don't know how BIND 9.X is going to stand
with respect to the DFSG.  We clip the crypto code out of the source tree 
for BIND 8 (in a way the ISC supports) to keep the package DFSG-compliant.  I
do not know yet whether BIND 9.X will be fit for main, or will be relegated
to non-free...

So, consider this my statement of intent to create and maintain new 'bind9' 
packages for woody.

While I'm rambling on about DNS packages, I'm also likely to handle 'dnsutils'
differently for woody.  The current mix of upstream sources to create the
dnsutils package from an augmented BIND source tree is illogical and tedious 
to maintain.  I suspect I'll split it up into the BIND-specific component with
a package name like bind9-clients or bind9-utils, separate packages for
the 'host' and 'rblcheck' pieces, and the dnsutils package converted to a 
meta-package.  More to come on that later.

Feedback is, of course, welcome on any of the above.


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