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Re: Key-signing in Wisconsin?

On Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 09:18:29PM -0500, Jon <nighthawk@mailbag.com> was heard to say:
> Yeah, I live in Madison.
> Not a bad idea at all.
> I can ride within most of the central part of the state, and if there is a big 
> meeting, well, elsewhere.  Since you propose, it might be a good idea to get 
> some responses, and set up a web page or send an email back with some dates, 
> times, and places.

  I was originally only thinking about getting my key signed by one person
(I need it for the NM process), but if there's more interest I suppose we
could arrange something larger..
  Anyway, I've only heard from one other person, in Menomonie.  I'll actually
be in the Wautoma area, which is approximately halfway between the two towns
(this fact is gleaned by squinting at a very small map of the state, which
 means that I may be mistaken), but Oshkosh (which is nearby) is larger and
appears to be more on a direct line between them.  If both of you want to
sign keys, we could meet there, or I could drive to Madison or Menomonie..


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