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Re: The fate of libc5


>>>>> "AT" == Ariel Tankus <arielt@math.tau.ac.il> writes:

    AT> There is one very good reason to keep libc5: MATLAB.

    AT> Unfortunately, MATLAB is compiled against libc5, and the
    AT> official requirements in MathWorks(TM) site is :

    AT> Linux 2.0.34 kernel - Red Hat 4.2, 5.1 Debian 2.0 (as appears
    AT> in: http://www.mathworks.com/products/matrix/linux.shtml).

I think the point BenC is trying to make is that libc5 will be removed
from *woody*. It not suddenly cease to exist in bo, hamm, slink, potato
or any other previous distribution in an explosion of magical pixie
dust. You will still be able to run matlab. You will still be able to
run libc5 Netscape. However, from woody onwards, libc5 will not exist as
a package (or it may, but in a very singular role. No -dev packages,
etc. This was mentioned elsewhere in this thread.)

So, provided you don't want to use Matlab with the latest and greatest,
everything will still be fine. Anyway, it'd be pretty silly to run woody
with a 2.0.34 kernel, wouldn't it? ;-)




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