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Re: libstc++2.10-dev & threads

Michael Kelly <kellym@nbnet.nb.ca> writes:

> On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Chris Leishman wrote:
> > No. Definately not.  Like I said, I was getting SEGV during the
> > _construction_ of a string ON THE STACK.  So it was definately NOT
> > shared between two threads.  Event the STL containers are not
That is not so sure: two strings may share their 'data' until it is
written to, and i guess the data is always on the heap...

> > reentrant - they don't support simultaneous access to methods from
> > different threads.
> Threads shouldn't be simultaneously accessing a piece of data. That's what
> mutexes are for. Just make a mutex, lock it whenever you want to work
> with the container, and release it when you're done. 
ACK. I guess it would be a big performance penalty to integrate the
mutex stuff in the methods (just think: every call to operator[] will
require a mutex lock & unlock). Thread safety should be implemented at
an higher level.

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