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Re: ITP: moria and questions about third party documentation


On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 10:52:07PM -0400, Joe Drew wrote:
> Perhaps you could call it umoria (is it possible that someone would want
> to package the original moria? Does it exist?) and have it Provides: moria,
> setting up a whole alternatives thing. OR - if it is not conceivable that 
> moria is ever packaged, forget it all and just package it as 'moria.'

    That's an excellent point.  AFAIK (although I haven't looked into this,
so I might very well be wrong), the original moria was VMS only, and
presented significant problems in porting to C and UNIX, so the answer is
probably no, it'd probably never actually be packaged.  As I understand it,
if another moria is ever packaged, we could set up alternatives at that
time, so maybe this really is a non-issue (except that someone who knows
"umoria" is actually its name might search only on that string and not find
it, but I must imagine almost everyone would try "moria" in addition to

[spoiler file]
> Even if there were no license issues, I would say package it separately.
> It's small but some people (ie me) would prefer not to cheat - not even have
> the opportunity to cheat (well, I have no willpower) - unless we specifically
> ask for it. (cf. Riven)

    Hehe.  I hadn't really considered that.  I'm not sure that having a
moria-spoilers package that is easily installable through dselect is
significantly different from typing "zless /usr/share/doc/moria/spoilers*",
but I respect the distinction.

> Are we even legally allowed to distribute the spoilers file?

    I suppose I should take that question to debian-legal if we decide I
should package it, but my reading is that (1) we are allowed to distribute
it on its own (i.e., in its own package), as that is the whole point of
section 1 of its copyright statement (unless distributing it in a package is
somehow not electronic distribution in unmodified form, which is possible, I
suppose), and (2) we are allowed to distribute it in a package with moria,
since that's what section 4 seems to be for.  This version of moria is
certainly relevant to the spoilers, and it seems to me that exactly what
we're doing is making a distribution of moria.  Of course, IANAL, so my
reading may very well be off-base.  If I/we decide to package it, I'll take
this to debian-legal.

    Does anyone really *want* to see this spoiler file included, or is there
no point?

Rene Weber

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