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Re: Upgrading from way back (was Re: The fate of libc5)

> I suspect that this kind of "upgrades from way back" will continue to be
> possible, as long as people continue to make good use of the various control
> fields. 

Wrong. It is NOT simply a matter of control fields (deps, conflicts,
replaces, etc..). Those are easy. The hard part is install scripts, and
obsolete package names. Do not paint a picture of "easy" upgrades, and
"painless" maintainence. That is a falsehood.

> However, I'm no libraries expert, so I wouldn't know if a libc5 package from
> bo can coexist with a glibc2.x from woody, in the potential case that libc5
> would be removed from woody.

You don't have to worry about that, I do. And I will assure that libc5 is
installable from potato, with future versions of libc6 in woody and
beyond, so long as it is feasible.


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