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ITP: backuponcd

I intend to package backuponcd


  BackupOnCd 0.9.1 is a set of shell scripts which make gziped
  multi-volume backups on CD-RW possible. It also makes the backup
  faster using cdrecord in a parallel subshell and minimizes the
  amount of temporary needed disk space. Currently provided: tar and
  afio. It's not finished yet, but should be usefull.

Copyright Notice

  Published under the terms of GNU GPL, Version 2 or later by Holger

I will have to get the upstream author to release it in a more
apropriate format before I can produce resonable packages, right now
it's a tarball that looks like this:

-rwxr-xr-- root/root      4847 2000-04-17 19:28:23 usr/local/sbin/backuponcd
-rwxr-xr-- root/root      1527 2000-03-27 20:24:30 usr/local/sbin/backuponcd_fif
-rwxr-xr-- root/root      1716 2000-04-17 18:58:48 usr/local/sbin/backuponcd_toa

I also need a sponsor, since I'm still in the Q. This is a really easy
package, and after doing GQL (my first package), which was _way_ more
complicated, I think my sponsor should have little work with
sponsoring me ;-).

Thanks, Andy
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