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ITP: xerces-c

I intend to package Xerces for C++

Xerces is Apache Team's API for developing XML-aware programs.
It has a DOM Level 1 fully compliant API, and parts of Level 2.
SAX is also supported. It's faithful to the XML 1.0 recomendation
and soon will support XMLSchema (both Structures and Datatypes).
The parser provides high performance, modularity and scalability.
For portability, the developers focused on minimal use of templates,
RTTI, namespaces, #ifdef's and limited use of exceptions.
With Xerces-C you can both validate and generate documents.
This one is the C++ binding. There are also Perl and Java bindings.

License: Apache like

Packages: libxercesc & libxercesc-dev

Since I'm not yet a Debian Developer, I'll be sponsored by
Jordi Mallach <jordi@pusa.uv.es>

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