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Need debugging help for run


I am maintainer for run, a woody package which could be quite useful
for running programs as daemons that haven't been written with daemon
use in mind. However, run has a major bug which causes it to hang when
a program should be terminated. This usually shows up with
console-log, my second package.

However, I haven't been able to debug run because I am not
sufficiently experienced with interprocess communication. The "client"
program seems to hang after it sent a message to the "server" program.
Since inserting debugging code seems to solve the problem, I probably
have a race condition here. The upstream doesn't seem to be too
interested in finding that bug, and I am seriously thinking about
pulling run from Debian again since I am not able to find that bug.

I am reasonable sure that inserting a sleep call at some appropriate
place in the code will fix the symptom, but not the cause.

Would anybody with experience in interprocess communication be willing
to take a look? Please get in touch with me, thanks.


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